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Top 5 Tips For Booking The Perfect Wedding Singer

Let's look at the Top 5 Tips you should consider to be totally sure you have chosen the perfect wedding singer for your special day.

1. Wedding Singer Promotional Material
You will not find large glossy adds in bridal magazines for wedding singers.These cost thousands of dollars If you do happen to find your vocalist in one of these bridal mags, this might be a red flag. Their fees will need to cover the high advertising costs for their business.

I would expect none less than a website, showing clear pictures and sound grabs of their performance. A live video is an excellent way to gauge the quality of the wedding singer.

These examples should sound natural and not appear to have to many effects on them.Some singers can sound good in a studio after lots of expert modifications and trickery. If you can audition the wedding singer live this is always the best approach.

2. Prima Donna
First impressions are often a good indication. But don’t be too confused if they answer the phone in a casual manner. Wedding Singers do not run big business’s with an office in town and a secretary to answer the phone Monday to Friday. But once you start to discuss your plans you will understand within minutes if this person is interested in your offer.

3: How much will a professional Wedding Singer cost?
You should expect to pay a reasonable rate for a Professional Wedding Singer. Too cheap is often a bad sign. Professional Wedding Singers are not like the karaoke singer you see in the local pub or even a professional singer in a rock band.This is a specialised field of singing. To avoid disappointment get the best wedding singer your money can buy. Call us for a quote.

4: Make sure you get a quote and an agreement in writing
Although you may have chatted about prices over the phone, make sure you ask for an agreement. This will outline the items discussed and give payment details. Your quote should include:

the arrival time, the price, how long it will take to set up and sound check, the performance length, any rehearsal time at the venue, and the finish time.   the price should be inclusive of all costs and taxes.

The quote should also explain if their performance includes the costs of a PA, musical equipment, speakers etc. Most professional Wedding Singers will quote you for a self contained performance, meaning you won’t have to book or hire any other equipment.
An agreement is vital to ensure that you are not left at the last moment without a wedding singer. If your wedding singer doesn’t want to provide a written agreement, move on.

Some Wedding Singer requirements may at first glance appear to be unnecessary and a little Prima Donna-ish so if you are unsure about something just ask for an explanation.

5: Testimonials
If you are fortunate enough to have seen your Wedding Singer live this is a great. The job of a Wedding Singer is of course, to perform at wedding ceremonies and receptions.  It is sometimes not possible to invite everyone to come along and watch.

This is where testimonials and reliable demos / videos are valuable.  Because of the varied repertoire required for your event, it is normal to see these performers in at different setting like your local pub.  A professional singer is often one that has had a thorough vocal foundation and is capable of singing many different styles.

If you audition a wedding singer in a public venue and they perform your requests to your liking, it is a good indication that they will be able to perform your wedding ceremony music beautifully.

If you have enjoyed chatting to them over, their quote has been clear and you like their promotional material, you can be safe in the knowledge that they will perform an excellent job on the day.

Just a couple more things
Be sure to book early. A professional wedding singer will need to be booked 3 to 6 months in advance. If you are planning your wedding in a traditional wedding season, make sure you book even earlier to avoid disappointment.

Follow up with your wedding singer as often as you like. Don't be embarrassed about making a pest of yourself. The more contact you have with your wedding singer the more understanding he or she will be of your expectations.

If you need any more information about how Buzz Band can help with booking the perfect wedding singer for your ceremony or reception, contact us
Good luck.