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Every event is different yet the brief for Buzz Band is the same; turn every gig into a celebration. The task for you is to make the right choice, first time when choosing a professional band...

Don’t be Fooled by the Hype

An unfortunate emergence during the last few years has been of a Melbourne group promoting themselves as an established ...

Typical Event Scenario

Buzz Band does more than just help you select the best party band in Sydney.

When you call to book a party entertainment you don't speak to an agent pushing a product; you get the opportunity to speak directly with Jeff Camilleri from Buzz Band. Jeff is an event coordinator and a former manager of several bands represented by Corporate Band Agency. But first and foremost, Jeff is a musician. Why is this important?

When you speak with us you are consulting with a live music expert. We are happy to share with you first hand knowledge of what works to make your event, weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, corporate events and birthday parties a success.

With over 25 years direct experience, Buzz Band has worked in Sydney at just about every venue and for pretty much anyone who is anyone in the Sydney Entertainment Business. We have a reputation for matching any occasion with the best music solution.

How does Buzz Band work their sets throughout the corporate event?

We usually play four sets throughout the night. The first set is often as your guests arrive. We start off very softly at first. We usually play some tasteful jazz. This sets up the mood beautifully.

If you want something other than jazz, we can play some acoustic style popular standards like Jack Johnson, Keb Mo or Ben Harper. It depends on your taste. The bands’ role here is to set the mood.

Volume is really important. Nothing too loud as your guests are often talking. This is why jazz as a genre’ works so well. If you’re not a jazz fan per say, having this music played at the start is perfect for your event. You’ll be eating entrees and sipping on champagne.... it’s perfect.

We like to play during dinner but often this can be distracting for guests, as the room warms up and the crowd get noisy. If this happens it’s often best that the band take a break and we go with background piped music, to maintain the mood. During this time, the band and other crew are often served their dinner and get primed up for the main dance sets.

After mains and speeches, it’s usually time for formalities like speeches, etc. Once these formalities are done with you realise why you booked Buzz Band. It’s time to turn your event into a party.

There is usually time for three, forty-five minute sets, with short breaks in between. If your speeches have blown out as they sometimes do, we might decide to do two long sets instead.

As the night is coming to an end we often take over the role of MC.  If you have hired a professional MC for the duration of the night, well of course we’ll leave this to him or her. If it’s a friend performing this role, quite often by nights end, they are more than happy for us to tidy up the back end of the night and provide structure to this important part of the evening.

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