Buzz Band at Corporate Event
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Every event is different yet the brief for Buzz Band is the same; turn every gig into a celebration. The task for you is to make the right choice, first time when choosing a professional band...

Don’t be Fooled by the Hype

An unfortunate emergence during the last few years has been of a Melbourne group promoting themselves as an established ...

Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Are you looking to hire a the best live band as your entertainment for your next wedding ceremony and reception? 

Buzz Band has long been regarded as Sydney's most respected wedding entertainment band. Contact us today for a free no obligation quote. You'll be surprised at our competitive costing.

We reckon we're the best and we have the runs on the board to back it up. We promise to make your wedding a success. Check out our testimonials.

The Reception Is the Longest Part of the day. Get the Entertainment Sorted 

Your typical wedding receptions will last at least 4 hours (some run as long as 6 and even 7 hours). When you break up your special day up into block hours, the reception is the most weighty part of the day. For this reason it is the part of the day that must be perfect. It will be the greatest public expression of your love and affection, to not only yourselves but to your family and friends.

Band are too expensive and a DJ is just as good, right?

WRONG. When it comes to Wedding Entertainment you must choose a band for your Wedding Entertainment that will appeal to everyone. In other words, Wedding Entertainment that appeals to your Great Uncles and Aunts right down to your youngest cousins and siblings.

DJ's Are Cheap

In most cases DJ's are cheaper than a band.  And some DJ's can do a decent enough job ... However, a DJ is one-man (or woman) solution and this is your wedding day that we're talking about here. Surely you want something more dynamic and special for you Wedding Entertainment?

Bands Bring the Party to the People

DJ's generally struggle with mixed audiences and audience participation. Traditionally they sit behind their equipment and keep any interaction with an audience to a minimum. In direct contrast, Buzz Band is totally live and dynamic. We are not corny but we do are best to involve the audience. If we are partying on stage, it's easier for your friends and family to do the same on the dance floor. It's your one special day. You must make a choice for a better option.

Why is Buzz Band the Best Option for live Wedding Entertainment?

1. The very presence of a live band like Buzz gets your guest excited about the party.
2. Buzz Bands repertoire is full of great songs. We are interactive and dynamic.
3. Buzz Band is a professional full time band. When you hire us we guarantee to arrive on time and work with the venue to make your day a success.

Get in contact with us and we'll make sure you get quick response to our availability and pricing. Once Buzz Band is booked as your Wedding Entertainment Band you can relax to know that your wedding reception is primed for a celebration.

Check out our huge song list to learn just how Buzz Band can tailor our repertoire to suit every ones taste in music. Check out our samples page to hear and see videos and audio.

Read Testimonials and Reviews

And lastly,  be sure to look at our vast collection of testimonials from satisfied clients, to make you feel extra sure that Buzz Band is the better choice.

Buzz Band is a professional Band that delivers exciting Wedding Entertainment to get everybody in the party vibe. To find out more about Buzz Band and how we can make your next event a success, contact us.

Buzz Band at Corporate Event