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Every event is different yet the brief for Buzz Band is the same; turn every gig into a celebration. The task for you is to make the right choice, first time when choosing a professional band...

Don’t be Fooled by the Hype

An unfortunate emergence during the last few years has been of a Melbourne group promoting themselves as an established ...

Buzz Band Weddings - Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions we receive from Bride's and Groom's planning their Wedding Reception event.

  • Your samples sound great but can we come and see you perform before we book you for or Wedding Reception?

Yes. We perform regularly throughout the year.   Contact us for details.

  • What time will the band arrive?

We usually arrive 90 minutes before guests to set-up. This means we are ready and set up before any of your guests arrive. If you require the band to be set up earlier, there might be additional fees to cover the extra timing. This can be discussed at our first chat.

  • Can we come and see you perform at a Wedding Reception?

Unfortunately this is not always easy to arrange. This is always on an invitation basis. Some venues are much easier to sneak a peak than others. This is why we perform regularly throughout the year at public venues and perform showcase gigs. Come along to our next showcase and bring the family. Whatever you do, don’t book a band before you see and hear Buzz Band perform live. 

  • How long will the band play for?

Our standard set times are 45 minutes with a small break between. Usually 10 - 15 minutes. Usually, we are asked to perform during the entire event. 5 hour functions are the standard length. If you are wanting there to be non stop dancing from beginning to end, a DJ between breaks is an excellent solution. If your event is longer than the standard we are happy to work with you on this. Our performance can be lengthened with a little extra cost. We are always happy to work with your needs. Talk to us about your wish list.

  • The wedding venue that we have picked for our reception is an empty shell.  Can you assist in wedding event theming?

Our main purpose is to supply you with the very best wedding entertainment. Over the years we have organised entire events both Corporates and Weddings from the ground up. Venue hire, catering, chair covers, table-centres, sound and lights; it can all be organised through us. We have affiliate deals throughout the industry. This is why we can cater for all your needs at a competitive price.  

  • Are you prepared to take the time to meet with us?

I'd like to meet with you as far in advance as possible to better understand your event and determine exactly what your expectations are. 

  • What do you charge?

The final price you pay will depend on several factors including number of hours booked, band size, accommodation and travel (if out of town), your sound & lighting requirement, etc. Contact us for a quick quote.  Final costing can be determined after discussing your expectations in detail.

  • Does the band provide music before and between band sets?

As a service to you, we always play our own break music after we set up and before the band starts. There’s nothing worse than silence at events. During band breaks we have an MP3 player set up to play music in the background. The room must still be buzzing when the band is not playing.

If you prefer, you can hook your own iPod up to our sound system to play during breaks.  If you are looking for specific songs i.e. multicultural group dancing, it’s best to bring your own iPod, which we will happily operate for you.

Before working through more questions, a word of warning.

Never book any band sight unseen unless it is recommended by your mother-in-law. Only kidding, but seriously, regardless of what your future in-law thinks, the fact is that some band leaders are complete charlatans.

A band by definition is a group of musicians. This group should have a common interest and purpose. They should have played together regularly. This is important. A band is not a Brand Name to which a business person subcontracts complete strangers to play music at your most important day of your life.
Some bands are not bands at all. The musicians have never played together and quite often, these musicians are meeting each other for the very first time at your most important day of your life. How does that make you feel when you read this? I know if it was me, I’d be pretty shocked.

Your wedding is not a rehearsal or at best a jam session.  Book Buzz Band. We’re a band by the true sense of the word and have been since the mid nineties.

More FAQ

  • Will the band require meals and refreshments?

We request that we be provided meals and refreshments. The number of meals will reflect the band size booked. Often it is easier for banquets to provide the band a crew table at the back of the room. This is ideal as we can keep an eye on proceedings and react when needed. Some venues have green rooms or dressing rooms for their artists and prefer to accommodate the artists with crew meals. We often leave for the gig at mid-afternoon and won't arrive home until the early hours. Supplied food and refreshments is much appreciated.

  • Does the band provide their own PA system?

Yes, we are completely self-contained. Our equipment is compact yet punchy. You won't need to worry about a separate sound system for your speeches. We have access to larger systems for events over 300 people. Lighting is not included in our sound production.  A quote for lighting and other themed elements can be arranged.

  • Will you work with the venue/event co-ordinators to assure everything runs smoothly?

We are Sydney based. Buzz Band has many years of experience performing in Sydney venues. Over the years we have established a good working relationship with many venues and event co-ordinators. I contact the venue in advance to go over the details so that there won't be any surprises. We can offer our expertise when we initially meet with you to discuss what sequence of events makes most sense. Then, at the function we'll work with your co-ordinator to make sure everything runs smoothly.

  • Can the band act as an MC for special announcements as it’s an informal affair?

Yes, we're happy to make the odd announcement. However, if you already have someone to act as MC, they're welcome to use our microphones and sound system for speeches.

  • There is a particular song that I would love Buzz Band to play at my wedding reception. Is this possible?

Buzz Band has an extensive repertoire and we may already know your request. If it is not part of our repertoire, we can learn it for your function.  (An exception would be if the instruments picked for your band don’t lend themselves to the requested song.)  Just provide us with a copy of the song on CD or email an MP3 no later than 8 weeks prior to your event and we'll learn it for you!

  • We will have a lot of speeches, awards and other formalities during the wedding reception. Can we rely on Buzz Band to adhere to a tight running schedule?

Buzz Band has performed at many events where the schedule was critical. Email us a schedule one week prior to the event. If details seem unusual, last minute amendments can be made.

  • There will be guests of varying ages at my wedding. Will Buzz Band cater to the older as well as the younger guests?

Yes, we offer a wide variety of musical styles ranging from the old time swing to today's hits. Plus our repertoire is constantly being expanded as we add new songs. If you select 'Song List' you will see that our repertoire encompasses music from the early part of last century right through to current chart hits.

  • What music will you play during cocktails and dinner?

We generally perform light instrumental jazz during cocktails as background music for the first set. Through experience we’ve found that as your guests are getting acquainted, vocal numbers can be distracting. Once the room has settled and during dinner, Sinatra-style standards from the 1940's and '50's always go over well. During the meal service guests often dance to these tunes. Your repertoire is tailored during our discussions. Click on Typical Event Scenario link to learn more.

  • How do I choose what music the Buzz Band plays?

We don’t need you to pick all the songs for us to play. We are happy to work with your requests.  An experienced band like buzz,  pride ourselves on knowing what songs to play and when. We play literally hundreds of songs and use our years of experience to adapt our sets to cater for the many age groups that we have played to.

The subject of repertoire will come up at our first meeting.  We recommend that you download our song list and highlight tunes that you think the majority of your guests will respond to. On occasion I meet with clients that want their favourite music performed all night. Quite often this doesn’t align with that of the majority of your guests. For example, you love Arch Enemy, the Death Metal Band. Not that we can, but if we did play tunes from this band it would alienate a large number of your guests, whilst making you very happy and I must say impressing the buzz band members to no end.

You should let us know of any songs that you have issues with. We will steer away from these on the night. It’s best for you to let us know in a few words your, what sums up your musical taste. “I love Swing, Michael Buble‘, Michael Jackson and Frank Sinatra.  I hate Celine Dion”.  A specific request like this is the best way to help is tailor the music for your event.

  • Are you able to provide music for the wedding ceremony?

Yes. If the ceremony is at the same venue as the reception this can be easily arranged and factored into the quote. If you require musicians for a separate venue like a church, we can also help out. Read more at Weddings.

  • I've been at functions where the band was too loud while we were having dinner, is this to be expected from you?

Absolutely no. Buzz Band knows the meaning of the word quiet and understands your guests expect to not be blasted out of the room with loud music. We will start off the event at an appropriate level. After meals & formalities, we get a little more dynamic.

  • Three Questions in one: Why do bands need breaks?  How many breaks will Buzz Band take?  What happens during the band breaks?

During a typical four hour performance it is exceptional to sing or blow or pluck or strum continuously. Fatigue sets in and the performance is compromised. During a typical call there will be breaks to rest and regroup. Usually 3 breaks to a 4 hour call. We tend to schedule our breaks so that we’re on stage at the times you need us most. That means we’ll try to schedule breaks during speeches and other formalities so the breaks are virtually unnoticed. 

During a standard break we play a selection of suitable tunes from an MP3 player. It can be of your choice as background music if you like. Bring your MP3 player (iPod, etc) and plug it into our PA system. We have all the connections to do this. However, some clients insist on having music all night long. A DJ is recommended to work along side the band. Contact us for referrals.

  • Some of my favourite songs are sung by women so I would love to have a female vocalist. Is this possible?

Yes. Buzz Band can expand to include female vocalists, male vocalists as well as brass, percussion and even strings for that special occasion. We can meet your musical expectation. Give us a call on 0412 342 880 to discuss your wish list.

  • What steps are involved in booking the perfect band?

Firstly, you should decide what your musical expectations are for your event.  Make contact and confirm our availability. Give as much detail about your event as you can to get an accurate quote. There is a webform available online. Once you are happy on with the plans on paper, pay your deposit and Buzz Band is yours.

  • Should I have the band play the music for the Bridal Waltz/First Dance or is it better on CD?

If a band tries to tell you they prefer to have an iPod play the first dance, it is often because they can’t guarantee the line up of the band for your event. Often they have no idea what musicians will be performing at your wedding, because these types of Melbourne groups are making up bands as they go along. Because of this they simply can’t guarantee the repertoire that will be performed on the night.

It is vital to get it right as it is THE song that kicks off the party on the floor. Buzz prefer to play your first dance live, but if you have a set dance routine and feel it more comforting dancing to the track as you have rehearsed it, then in this case go for the backing track. 

If you prefer Buzz to play your first dance song, talk to us in advance. If we don’t already have it in the repertoire we will learn it for you.

  • How much should I budget for a live band?

Buzz Band is an established leader in live event entertainment. We bend over backwards to provide the absolute best. The best of anything often costs a little more. Band fees are predominantly made up of musician wages, sound and lights. That should be all you need to pay for. If you do the math you will discover that buzz live band is more affordable than you think. Don’t settle for a band that has been scratched together for your wedding. Quite often these bands are mere fronts. Go with a band that has been established for years and has thousands of gigs as a unit together in the book.  Contact us for an instant quote.

  • Can you provide a complete sound system for my event?

We bring our own quality sound system to every gig. This is supplied and operated within the agreed fee. You are welcome to use the sound system for your speeches. Our system is suitable for small to medium-sized rooms of no more than 300 pax. If you are planning a larger event and have other uses for the PA, it is recommended that a dedicated sound system be quoted for your event. We can organise a Sound and Lighting company for you as we have affiliates in the industry with access to trade prices.  It is better for us as the end user to negotiate on your behalf so we get what you need.

The above represents most of the questions we’ve been asked over the years. If you have any other questions, please contact us. We are always happy to meet and discuss your event.