How To Choose The Perfect Party Band

Don't book any entertainment until you check out Buzz Band.

Top 5 List Of Must Do's

  1. Never book a band based purely on price.

  2. Never book a band before you see and hear them. Websites and demos can make amateurs look like professional established groups.

  3. Ask how many years, as a complete unit, they have been performing together. The operative word here is "Complete".  Some so called party bands are run by one person and the muso's are gathered together on your day. This person is often not a musician. And sometimes the bands that this person puts together meet on your gig, often playing together for the first time ... at your wedding!

  4. Read their testimonials. If no testimonials, ask for a reference.

  5. Ask if they are professional musicians and challenge their answer. Buzz Band has been performing together for over 10 years. We are all full-time professional musicians, which is a big point of difference.


Buzz Band score 10 out of 10 on this check this. And with our prices starting at $950 you CAN afford the best. Come and see us play at our next showcase. Make sure you come and introduce yourself. For more information on Buzz Band and where and when you can see us next, contact us.